Wednesday, 6 July 2011

What's New in WordPress Version 3.2

I'm very happy to welcome you to my blog which I mainly created to help solve IT/programing/technical related issues you might have and also shares some technical experience I've gained over the years as an IT consultant.

WordPress Version 3.2 was released to the public on 4th of July 2011. For more information about the realease, visit the WordPress Blog to get the full information.

The organisation behind the product stated on their website that the latest stable release of WordPress (Version 3.2) is available in two formats that are available for free download.

I'd since updated some of my websites using WordPress and I was happy with the new version that included functionalities that made the CMS to be ligther than before because most of the visited script were optimized to load faster. Other notable changes in the version are;

  • A Refreshed Administrative User Interface - Admin redesign
  • New Default Theme "Twenty Eleven" - Which Uses latest Theme Features
  • Full Screen Editor - This is so wonderful because it makes writing distraction free unlike before.
  • Extended Admin Bar - This makes it possible for more useful links to control the site

To get more details about the realiease and othe useful information, I've listed some links below to help you understand it better.

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